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Harshil D Majmudar

As a child, Harshil always used to daydream about cars & motorcycles. They are now an indispensable part of his life and with age, the affinity grew only stronger and bolder. 


Harshil inherited these photography skills from his father’s hobby and mixed it with his passion for machines. Instituted back in 2013, he began capturing photographs using his digicam. This hobby soon turned into an extension of his passion for cars and motorcycles. At the age of sixteen, he was given his first DSLR camera which elevated his eye for photography to the next level.


While Harshil love photographing automobiles, he occasionally also love clicking landscapes, nature & animals. 


On the personal front, Harshil completed his schooling in India and is currently pursuing Masters of engineering in the UK. This website was created with the sole motive of showcasing some nifty cars, motorcycles, landscapes & animals captured by him in India, UK, USA and elsewhere. Harshil sincerely hopes you enjoy the photographs as much as he enjoyed making them.

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